About Monica

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My mission is to create exceptional educational and informational products, while teaching and providing unparalleled knowledge on how to level up your credit and business through educational tools and real estate.
I'm a certified credit repair specialist and a full time mortgage consultant.  I connect people with mortgage lenders that offer the best rates and down payment assistant programs.  I've helped people close over 5 million dollars in real estate deals while teaching individuals on how to become a homeowner and stop paying rent and start building wealth through real estate. 
I believe that everyone deserves to be informed about business and credit when it comes to financial needs and meeting goals. That's why i am fully committed to helping everyone succeed in their personal and business goals. I help people level up their business structure, personal credit and real estate portfolio. I also offer financial information, that will help each and every person achieve exceptional credit; high profit margins; home ownership; and additional streams of income. 
I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!